Kitchen Accessories and Appliances

We Carry Gently Used Toasters, Blenders and Kitchen Accessories

Cook the ultimate meal with items from our shop in Clifton, CO

Chelsea's Thrifty Shop is home to gently used kitchen accessories and appliances. Choose something from our selection of toasters, blenders and bartending items that will make your cooking experience a breeze. We have products from reputable brands, so you're sure to find something special to add to your collection.

Stop by our locally owned thrift shop in Clifton, CO today.

How to welcome new kitchen accessories to your home

How can you be sure secondhand kitchen tools are safe to use? First, shop from a reputable store, like Chelsea's Thrifty Shop. Then, simply give them a quick cleaning by:

  • Wiping the surface down with alcohol
  • Running dishwasher-safe items through a wash cycle
  • Cleaning water-safe surfaces by hand using a gentle cleanser
Your kitchen accessory or appliance will work like a charm.

Visit our thrift shop in Clifton, CO today to view our selection of toasters, blenders and other accessories.